As one technique that can benefit many online businesses or increase rankings on a website, many people have used SEO. One SEO that can be chosen is seo company new york . With good SEO techniques, then the company’s website will be better known by many people.

Unfortunately, of all the advantages provided by SEO, there are still some people who do not want to use it. There are several reasons why they don’t want to use SEO techniques in their business. Some of the reasons they use are

– Lack of understanding
There are many things in SEO that can be a confusing term. The thing about finding keywords, page rank and learning content marketing can make them confused and feel bothered if they have to learn them one by one. Business owners who work in an out-of-technology market will usually have no knowledge about it and even manage their own SEO.

– lack of time
Keeping sites and social media pages optimized for search engines is a time consuming and continuous process. Managing SEO has indeed evolved with changes in the algorithm of the search engine. and consistently for always creating new content all the time. Small businesses without marketing departments certainly don’t have much time to manage their own SEO campaigns.

– Lack of Results – Many companies may try to start their own SEO campaigns, and then give up when they realize the campaign doesn’t give them immediate results. It’s important to understand that SEO is a long-term strategy, and does not lead to instant gratification. In addition, people who manage SEO themselves usually do not have the expertise needed to create effective campaigns.

Some of the reasons above are always they use so as not to use SEO as a marketing technique. Even though with the right SEO, they will benefit from increased traffic on their website.