When it comes to buying electric scooter singapore regarding of your reasons, there are so many important things to take into consideration, right? Here are few of those things, which can help you get the right electric scooter.

– Choice of brand reputation and after-sales service

A brand is a mark of quality, different brands of different quality levels, the consumer is when selecting and buying should choose by the authoritative detection department, and the practice has proved that reliable quality, low repair rate, good after-sales service, high brand credibility.

– Selection of styles and configurations of the electric vehicle

Optional configuration: the four components of an electric vehicle are: motor, battery, controller, charger. In driving mode, it is advisable to take comprehensive consideration to choose how to lose small, low energy consumption and high efficiency;

There are three main types of motors: high-speed brushless motors, brushless motors, brushless motors. High-speed motor, high power, strong climbing ability, perfect for long-distance running. Low-speed motor with low efficiency, high power consumption, and shorter range, this motor are suitable for smooth road, lighter rider, and riding can help the consumer. The brushless motor requires a current turnover, flammable controller, and reliability is transferred from the motor to the controller. High speed is almost double the price of low-speed motors.

A battery is a combination of voltage and capacity. Some cars are equipped with 36v12ah, some with 48v12ah or 20ah, some with 64v20ah, which vary greatly in capacity, mileage and price. The purpose of buying an electric bike is to make it clear that it is a means of travel, not too high.

Chargers and controllers are also very different in quality, price, and performance. The charger is not genuine but must be taken into account when purchasing.

– Selection of functional style

Currently, electric bikes are generally divided into three types: standard, multi-function, and luxury, which can be selected according to actual needs and economic conditions