When you have a business, what you need is good marketing. One good marketing and always done by many business owners is to hold a bazaar event. You can also do it but don’t forget about the tent you use. visit https://www.mountainshade.com.au/hdmarquee to get the tent you need.

Unfortunately, in a bazaar, there are usually some things that are often forgotten. Some of the things in question are

1. Fair tenant competition
Fair tenant competition could be from the distribution of the number of vendors of food, beverages and other products that are evenly distributed; to a minimum, the exact same product sold together by a different tenant, or from the layout that avoids similar products.

2. clear path
Because the flow in and out of the bazaar determines which stand will be passed first, are we in the front, middle, or behind? All according to your strategy, the committee must be responsible for the flow they make.