If you do not have more than one gadget, you can use 2 starter packs. Use the one for internet-an, and one for normal use. Conserving mobile credit in this way is very complicated. You must be willing to change your card whenever you want to use the internet. Yes, but again, if you want to save it is a necessary effort. As long as you are diligent in changing the starter pack, you can save the mobile credit. Apart from that, you can also convert your mobile credit at viapulsa.com/ so it turns back into real money in your bank account.

Do not run out of money Because of mobile credit

The gadget has become your requirement, automatically you also need mobile credit. Although it does not feel expensive, the use of internet quota that is not true can make you run out of money just because of mobile credit. Therefore, you should start doing the 8 tips above to save the mobile credit. If you can save the mobile credit, the expenses also become smaller and the money can be used for other things. So do not let you run out of money because of mobile credit.