There is a unique phenomenon in cinema and film. Often we see the achievement of the audience and the income of one film on various news portals to social media. To get the best deal for your best experience of watching the movie at a theater, it can be a good idea to gather more info about AMC ticket prices. The achievement of millions of audiences and large revenues we can conclude quickly that cinema is still an interesting place. It is not intended to reduce the appreciation of filmmakers in producing works.

However, when talking about films, many television stations also feature cinema films. With or without ads. Apparently, this is the reason people still want to go to the movies.

1. Part of entertainment

Living in a city with almost the same routine every day is certainly boring. Even vacationing doesn’t take too long. With this kind of situation, of course, you are looking for short and pleasant entertainment. Going to the movies is one right choice if you want to get entertainment. The reason, because you are a light activity is fun so you can let go of thoughts about routine and work. With a schedule that you can adjust to working hours, it’s no wonder that most of you are still in the cinema.

2. Do not want to miss new things

Watching in theaters can be said to be part of the lifestyle. Often reading the news and seeing information about films makes you have an actor, director and film genre. In yourself, there is a small assumption which when you don’t see a box office movie, you feel that you miss something that is popular. From the performance side, they can present something unique in the promotion of the film. One of them is an interesting story, actors who play, film footage, nominations at several film festivals, to comments from critics.

3. Emotional experience

Talking sounds, music, and sound effects that are deliberately designed indirectly can give an impression. You can feel funny, sad, happy, and even irritated. You also can’t speed up the film because of curiosity. Not to mention if other viewers respond like laughing and shouting at a scene. This is very interesting because it is not only you who feel. Such emotional overflow can relieve stress. If the movie you watch provides new inspiration like there are benefits you get.