Having a private car is one of the ideals of most people. Whether it’s a new or used car, you can have your own four-wheeled vehicle, besides making it easier for us to be able to go anywhere, it is a stable status of the owner. Even so, not many car owners know how to use a car properly. If there is a problem, the easiest solution is to bring it to the garage. Have you ever wondered how 0-60 times can be the right option for the vehicle you are riding?


If a used car is often in and out of the garage it is not surprising, but if the new car is naturally experienced, as a car owner is suspicious, what’s wrong with the car. Before you blame the factory for getting a vehicle that failed production, it’s a good idea to check first if you have made the following five mistakes that cause frequent cars to enter the garage.

Tune up yourself without the help of experts

With so many DIY videos on Youtube that show you how to improve car performance, maybe you get tempted to try it for yourself. If Shopee does understand engine problems, this is not a problem, but if you have never touched or seen a machine before, never try it!

Let the car run out of liquid

Many people think cars only need gasoline for the road, but they don’t know that cars also need water and oil to be able to drive on asphalt. Engine oil is recommended to be replaced regularly every 3,000 – 4,500 km or because Jakarta is often jammed every 3-4 months. Radiator water must also be checked frequently so that the engine does not overheat.

Rarely cleaning cars

Regularly cleaning the car not only makes the car look cleaner and shiny but also prevents physical damage such as rust that can damage the appearance of the car. Not only damage the appearance of the car, rust can also damage the physical robustness of the car. Help prevent the formation of rust in the car body by giving a protective layer to the paint every time after washing the car.