In this world who does not know about the roof? Part of the building of this house we always find in building houses anywhere either a wood roof, steel roof or stone roof. The roof also has various shapes, not just tilted or flat but also has a unique shape like gambrel or saddle, in essence, the roof is the top of the building that can provide the bottom protection against weather, heat, rain, hot and stormy. The roofer should know that there are some more specific roof functions, which are loads by their own weights, which are loads of horses and coating substances in a vertical direction and then on the columns and foundations. Hold down the wind pressure that leads horizontally on the gravel. Receive heat by the sun and keep the temperature cool in the rooftop space and absorb heat in the tropical architecture concept, avoiding the inclusion of rainwater.

These days are a rife provider of lightweight steel roof construction, both the construction of wooden roofs and lightweight steel that has its own shortcomings and advantages, wooden roofing is also no less interesting. The roof of wood construction is still in demand a lot of people is a material that is easy to get anywhere in the store material store is a building material that is dominated by local artisans. Wood materials can be shaped, cut, and used flexibly (can be marked, cut, fashioned rounded, and so on). Just like the building in general, although looks superior, does not mean wood roof is impeccably present, there are some shortcomings of the wood roof you should know, one of which is a wood roof is flammable and can be devoured by termites. The wood material can expand or shrink, roof spans with wooden construction are often limited because the size of wood on the market is 4 meters. Wood more difficult to obtain, consequently the price is more expensive.