Perhaps many of you ask why learning or getting the right lesson about real estate investment is important. First off, think that this type of investment isn’t as simple as you think. When you decide to go with that, there is another possibility aside from getting the profit and advantages. That’s right! It is also about the risk. That’s why it would be better to choose Dan Ballerini New Jersey when it comes to learning real estate investment. Investing in real estate has a number of risks that are as heavy as investing in stocks or bonds. Here is a brief review of the risks of investing in real estate: Business Risk: The economy of a country affects the ability of a property to generate income, for example in times of economic crisis, the cost of rental property becomes stagnant or even decreases. Financial Risk: Financial Risk is related to business risk because the deterioration of a country’s economy makes people do not have too much money so it increases default on property installments. Liquidity Risk: This risk occurs when the buyer and the property seller do not meet, it takes several months or even a few years until a property is sold, when it is not sold, it contains high liquidity risk. Inflation Risk: High inflation will reduce investor rate of return. If the income from property is not high enough to cover income earned, it will reduce the real value of the property investment. Management Risk: Funds are needed to maintain a property, for example, management fees for the mall are used for renovation and innovation of the mall, the marketing mall so that visitors always come to the mall. Interest Rate Risk: Changes in interest rates in a country will change property prices. Legislative Risk: Tax regulations will change property provisions so that they can increase or decrease the value of property investment. Environmental Risk: The value of a property investment is also influenced by environmental costs, for example, asbestos is considered a hazardous material if it is used as a roof for a house or residential area exposed to toxic waste, thereby reducing the price of housing in the area.