Twitter is one of the most popular social media of the century. In addition to its easy use, Twitter has a lot of users. A large number of Twitter users is a potential market share to offer your products and services. Twitter can also be a medium to add sales figures in your online store business. Here are the benefits that Twitter offers for the betterment of your business even more if you know how to choose the right social media marketing services based on your marketing campaign needs.


1. Twitter is a tool that is able to improve product brands

Twitter account owners will definitely follow one of the business brand accounts they like based on their interests, interests, and needs. No matter they have done a transaction or not, they will spread twit that they like to follower ya. The benefits of your business brand will be better known to many people. Fact 53% of Twitter users will recommend a product brand to others.

2. Many potential buyers

Most followers of a business brand account will make a purchase. Followers are not just admirers of a brand alone. There are times when they will shop, transact, or even consume the products that you offer to users who follow you. The fact 66% of the number of followers of the business brand account will actually make a purchase.

3. Twitter is an effective social media marketing

The growing technology enables social media features to increase sophistication, not just for socializing only. Many people are looking for reference products that they will buy through social media or other internet media. By presenting a brand product account they hope to keep up with the latest products and trends for your products. Fact 25% of Twitter users must follow one brand product account.

4. Twitter can form opinions about your online store product brand

Twitter is a great medium to build a good reputation for your product brand. Once a buyer feels the benefit or satisfaction of using your product he will definitely tweet about your product. And this is an advantage for the progress of your business. The fact 33% of Twitter users will tweet about a product they once consume.