Undeniably, the need for shelter until now continues to grow. Residential models are growing, including apartments in big cities. And one of the most popular types of apartments today is the studio type. The size of the room in this type is small-only one-bedroom equipped- and has an affordable price when compared with other luxury apartments. Therefore, no wonder if the type of studio is perfect for students, students, and employees who have not married. This residence match which ultimately appeals to jadescape condo makes the concept of dwelling. Studio type apartment is a one-room apartment, plus a bathroom. The interesting thing about this studio apartment is the one room has many functions or multifunctional, which can be used as a bedroom, living room, even kitchen. These studio apartments are often found near the campus or office, but also close to public transportation. Of course, this type of apartment is right for someone who wants to live a simple life and look for practicality.

The size of a small studio apartment you can actually say to not look narrow. You can design the jadescape condo in accordance with the wishes and make it look stylish, cozy even more spacious with this color selection will change the atmosphere in the apartment, even affect the illusion of the eye who looked at it. The bright color impressed ‘away’ so that makes the room seem big and spacious. Dark colors seem ‘approaching’ and make the room seem cramped. You can also select reflective or translucent materials, such as HPL (High-Pressure Laminate), glass, and aluminum. Maximize also the use of existing storage shelves. The use of mirrors can also be used to cause the illusion of a wider space. The larger the size of the mirror, the greater the illusion is displayed. In addition, the use of mirrors can also reflect light that makes space in your apartment look brighter.