Bags, of course, be the stuff that is always ladies briefcase maintained and owned by everyone. Especially women, they will choose the right ladies briefcase to support their overall appearance. One type of bag that must always be treated is a leather bag. By taking care of it, then you will get a leather bag with good quality and durable.

You do not want your leather bag to become damaged or its color faded. So, some of these tips you need to know to care for and maintain the quality of your bag to always be good and not fade. Some tips are

1. Clean regularly
Clean your leather bag about once a week with a clean and soft cloth that has been moistened with warm water and soap. Use a soft type of cloth so as not to damage the fibers of the skin.

2. Don’t be exposed to sunlight
Do not let your leather bag be exposed to the sun. Leather bags directly exposed to the sun will cause the color of the bag to fade and fade. Not only that, sunlight is also very dangerous for leather bags.

3. Don’t let it get wet
The main enemy of this type of bag is water. Because the leather material made from living things will greatly allow the growth of bacteria and fungi. You should pay attention to moisture and temperature of the room when using and store the leather bag. avoid water so that your bag can last longer.

4. Remove from storage once in two weeks
Don’t let your plastic bag be stored in a closet for a long time, if you rarely use it, once in two weeks remove the bag from the closet. Place it in a place with normal temperature or room temperature. Do this regularly to prevent the emergence of molds and damage the form of the bag becomes very bad.