Talk directly to the child’s dangers and social media consequences that may arise. In this case, the child just thinks that social media is a place to pour out his heart or just follow trends like his friends. Warn them not to say rude or too experiential in expressing feelings because of it will arise things that are not desirable. In the meantime, perhaps you also need to check out the Venice Farmer’s Market post.

Some cases that happened later because of the ‘release’ angry in social media accounts to become widespread, though, through Path, social media used to put privacy matters as their main slogan. In fact, the case becomes a reflection for parents to keep their children better in cyberspace.

Place the PC in the living room

Rather than equipping a child’s room with a computer device, parents better set up rules to put the PC in an open place. In that sense, every child’s activities in cyberspace can be well watched by parents and children avoiding porn and other unkind content.

By putting PCs in a place where parents can be watched, children will also become accustomed to and responsible for being open about what’s happening in their social media.

Set rules

In addition to putting the PC in a place that is easily watched, according to Amy, parents also need to set strict rules, such as the length of time for children to play with the internet. Or it could also allow children active in social media after doing homework and on holidays.

But do not also set rules that are too tight, let children enjoy the time and they will learn also about the responsibility of using the best time possible.

Set the privacy of child gadgets

Some apps provide features that can monitor children’s activities while using the gadget. This is certainly very helpful and facilitate parents in providing supervision to the child.

Monitor child gadgets regularly

Parents need to discipline themselves about the time to check the child’s gadgets regularly. With this will minimize the negative effects that children might get by accident in the online world.