The year 1953 was an important year for circuit training. This circuit training is an exercise that can improve the condition of the body simultaneously. There are many principles of Zirkeltraining that we must recognize. The first is the time period. The main factor of this forward movement is time. A distance taken by a runner will determine the time period determined by the time called the series.

The second is the recovery period. In retrofitting, this recovery period is represented by time. This recovery period is based on the weight and duration of the exercise. The third is the number of a repeat. In advanced training, the number of repetitions is interpreted by the number of times the distance that a runner must pass in the same time frame. In this exercise, it is called the number of series or sets.

In addition, there are several things you can do to do circuit training, namely:

Within a territory, there are several posts.

In each post, students must perform a specific exercise. This exercise can take the form of physical exercise conditions such as strength, speed, agility or the other.

This exercise can be done without load.

The exercises in each post are runs, pull-ups, medicine balls, square jumps, 200 meters run, rowing, squat thrust presses, up and down zigzags.

Well, now you already know about how to do a good and correct circuit training. Before doing so, you have to warm up first so there is no serious injury. Besides, this circuit training has a lot of benefits for your body right?

That’s it for the tips that we may share with you in this article regarding the circuit training. Although this info might be short, we hope it’s still useful to you and also increase your knowledge about this excellent and effective type of a training.