End of the year, new appearance! You don’t have to wait until the beginning of the year to change your appearance so you don’t get bored. Besides trying the curly hairstyle, you who want to change the appearance of the hair but are reluctant to cut the length of the hair can also work around this by trying new colors. But keep in mind, choosing hair color can’t be arbitrary, you know. Must match the color of our skin so that the results are good. You can visit https://www.blackhealthwealth.com/hairstyles-black-women/ to know the best hairstyle.

Here are some hair color inspirations for dark skin:

– Chocolate
Planning hair coloring and this is the first time? Chocolate can be your choice. The color that is not so flashy will not cause too drastic changes. So even if it’s the first time you try, you won’t be surprised to see the results later. This color is a favorite of many women with dark skin because it can create a warm and fresh impression on the face.

– Burgundy
This purplish-red color is actually suitable for any skin color. But, it is very suitable if applied to women with dark skin. Why? Because the color effects presented to make the face look brighter. You who want to highlight the feminine and elegant side, burgundy is the right color choice.

– Dark Blonde Ombre Hair
What about ombre hair? Certainly can! You can choose color degradation such as dark brown ombre with a slight golden accent on the bottom. Almost similar to brown, hair color like this also gives a warm impression with extra stylish bonuses on your appearance. Alternatively, you can also choose black-mahogany ombre hair or black-dark coffee ombre.

– Gray
If you are interested and challenged to look different, this color is suitable for you to try! The concept of gray can actually be applied to any skin color because it can be mixed with other colors. There is brownish gray, there is also gray that has a touch of blue and silver at once. So, there’s no need to worry about looking tacky or unsuitable. Safe, adjust to how dark your skin color is. To be more maximal consult your hair stylist first.